Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

Almost Thanksgiving - everyone got their turkeys thawing out in the refrigerator? I am not cooking this time but will be cooking Christmas dinner. I went to Walmart yesterday and bought all the baking supplies I needed until after Christmas. The crowds were amazing. You ladies that fight the no sleep, freezing cold, and long lines on Black Friday are my heros. They would have to be giving stuff away for me to battle that. Good luck to the super shoppers - bring home lots of goodies.

Remember the reason for the season and thank God everyday for all the blessings we have. You can pray to God just like you are talking to your BFF - no difference except maybe the occasional bad word you might want to leave out.

First post wasn't too bad. I am a stickler on good grammar and misspelled works - but I am also a real fast typer and sometimes to two don't mix. Correct me if you must.....

My reason for this blog is that I have lots of things to share with fellow crafters. We will have mostly Cricut projects with lots of variations. I will have blog hops, challenges, some contests and I am not cheap - there will always be a small prize. This will be a place that I hope you will check in everyday and see what is going on. As my friends and family say "There is always somthing going on at my house." Now I want you to share my fun with me as we proceed into this scrapbook adventure. Now, go cook your turkeys and make the stuffing and pumpkin pie.It will be all over soon then we can start pulling our hair out trying to get Christmas over with. WE ARE WOMEN AND WE CAN HAVE IT ALL!!!!


  1. Congratulations on your new blog Donna...look forward to lots of interesting dialogue on it and lots of scrappy layouts. Love the design, so pretty.

  2. YAY! So excited you are up and running! Cant wait to start all of our projects!

  3. Your blog is coming along nicely. Enjoyed the read and will visit again.

    Looking forward to a challenge or two, when I can (chronic problems like vertigo and CFIDS sometimes slow me down, but, thankfully, not out for long).

    I don't enter contests as a rule. I won a cake once, for running the fastest race. When I received my victory cake, I was so excited, I missed the second step down from the stage, tripped head-over-heels and my beautiful cake flew out of the box and onto the ground. We were dirt poor and I was so looking forward to sharing my good fortune with our family of 8; I laid there for a few seconds, heartbroken and in disbelief. My big sister stretched out her hand and said, "Don't worry, we can salvage the bit that stayed in the box and it will be enough - congratulations on running a great race." We went home and everyone made a big fuss about my wonderful prize. So - that's my Thanksgiving story. Hope you had a great one too.

    Fran (Quick Silver)