Sunday, January 30, 2011

The new Cricut World group blog is going live this weekend. Stay tuned for further information and the link to get you there. You will love it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!!! Little late saying this but that doesn't mean that I hope everyone has a great, healthy and happy 2011. We had a very nice Christmas at my house. Kids had a blast and so did I. Fixed a big dinner with a fomal set table. Next year it will be paper plates.....I got an electric fireplace from my hubby and the kids got me a Kindle. I really love it - now if I just had time to read. Our new group blog is in the process and hopefully will be on later in the month. I am very excited about this new blog. This blog will stay on but will be linked to the group blog. Just can't wait.

Matching reindeer place card. Sparkle was made with stickles in bright colors. All of these were made with Create-A-Critter.

Here is the penguin place card to match the napkin ring. There is a tootsie roll pop in the middle to give it structure. Made 2 of each design and used the flip option on Cricut on one of them so they will look even.

This is the second napkin ring. The napkins are bandanas from Hobby Lobby. Only 99 cents each - much cheaper than linen napkins.

These are napkin rings I made for Christmas dinner at my house. Made place cards to match for each person. I used the Cricut cartridge Create-a-Critter. Everyone really enjoyed them.